Fire and Forget Tasks With Django and Celery

Django is without a doubt my favorite web-framework, if not my favorite Python module. However, I feel Django is lacking in asynchrony and 'fire and forget tasks' in particular. Imagine you have a blocking task you would like to call from a view, middleware, or signal. Except, this task is ...

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Travis CI: Getting Started With Testing Django Sites Using Travis CI And Selenium

TravisCI is a very powerful testing tool. It allows you to easily implement Continuous Integration into your Git/Github workflow. On a basic level, CI is running tests for every push in a repo. This is useful because if you write good tests, you can catch new bugs as they ...

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Guide: Setting up an HTTPS secured Django website

Unfortunately, setting up your own web-server for a Django website can be very frustrating. For example, initially configuring this website took me around 15 hours of tinkering to finally be at a point where I could even begin migrating my Django project files. That is why I made this guide ...

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