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on Jan. 15, 2017, 9:02 p.m.

Here is a sample application that Cooper Kunz, Michael Carolin, and myself made this past weekend at the University of Arizona Hackathon. We made a sample Alexa application called MyCaretaker that we actually never finished. However, we put in a good amount of work and I am still proud of the results. The application was meant to be used as an emergency service. To invoke our application we would have to state, "Echo, mycaretaker". From there, the application responds by saying, "Is this an emergency?" If so, the application alerts your ICE contacts. If not, the app can talk you through some standard medical procedures. Unfortunately we only got around to adding support for nosebleeds... However, the project could easily be improved to support a wide variety of procedure. It was very challenging using a new webframework/module. We used the Flask-Ask web module along with the Flask framework. Below is some sample code and a sample usage video.

from flask import Flask, current_app
from flask_ask import Ask, statement, question, session
import json
import requests
import time
import unidecode
from twilio.rest import TwilioRestClient

app = Flask(__name__)
ask = Ask(app, "/reddit_reader")
medical_procedure = None
PROCEDURE_KEY = "procedure"
procedure_list = ["nose bleed", "nosebleed", "nose bleeds", "noses bled", "nosebleeds", "bleeding nose", "bloody nose", "nose blood",
"bloodienose", "bloodynose", "bloodynoses", "noseblood", "nosebloods"]

# hackathon instruction text
step0 = "sit down, and tilt head forward so that the blood drains through the nostrils."
step1 = "Compress the nose. With a finger and thumb, pinch the lower fleshy end of the nose, completely blocking the nostrils. Pinching at this point directly applies pressure at the region where the blood vessels are damaged."
step2 = "Put ice cubes in your mouth to cool yourself down. Lowering your body temperature can help reduce the blood flow to your nose."
step3 = "Wash your nose and rest. After bleeding has stopped, you can clean the area around your nose with warm water. After you have cleaned your face, you should rest for a while. This is to help to prevent further bleeding."

steps = [step0, step1, step2, step3]

current_step = 0
end_step = 4

def send_text(outgoing, body):
# put your own credentials here

client = TwilioRestClient(ACCOUNT_SID, AUTH_TOKEN)
print(outgoing, body)


def homepage():
return "Welcome to our Alexa site!"

def start_skill():
welcome_message = "Hi there, would you like us to notify your emergency contacts?"
return question(welcome_message)

def share_headlines():
global current_step
if (current_step > 0 and current_step < len(steps)):
next_step_msg = "Next, %s" % (steps[current_step])
if (current_step < len(steps)-1):
next_step_msg += " Would you like to hear the next step?"
current_step += 1
return question(next_step_msg)
next_step_msg += " I hope I helped you today. Goodbye!"
return statement(next_step_msg)
if (current_step == end_step):
return statement("I hope I helped you today. Goodbye!")
response_msg = 'Alerting your emergency contacts. Hold on...'
send_text("+1", "Your emergency contact is wanting to notify you.")
return statement(response_msg)

def no_intent():
global current_step
if (current_step > 0):
return statement("Okay then, have a good day.")
bye_text = "Okay, which medical procedure would you like me to walk you through?"
return question(bye_text)

@ask.intent("medical_intent", mapping={"procedure" : "Procedure"})
def medical_intent(procedure):
global procedure_list
global current_step
if (procedure in procedure_list):
session.attributes[PROCEDURE_KEY] = procedure
return question("Sorry, I don't know that procedure. Please try another one.")

#end_step = last_step_for(procedure)
#instructions = get_instructions(procedure)
text = "To begin treating %s, %s. Would you like to hear the next step?" % (procedure, step0)
current_step += 1
return question(text)

if __name__ == '__main__':

The code listed above may or may not be the "best" solution. Please be advised that this is just the way I did it. There are normally thousands of different ways to solve the same programming problem. Find an error? Let me know in the contact form below.

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